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Our Founders

The Blues Against Hunger Society was created in San Felipe Baja California Mexico in 2013 by Sixx and Sweet Pack. It's origin is a beautiful and painful story that changed their lives and many others forever. It is a happy ending,  that keeps on giving. 

Music and meals heal. 

Sixx and Sweet in San Felipe Baja California on May 2014 preparing to leave on the first BAHS tour. 

Sweet and Sixx hosting the first San Felipe Blues & Arts. 2008 at San Felipe Baseball field.  

Sweet and Sixx hosting the 1st Annual Baja Blues Fest at Rosarito Beach Hotel August 2012.

Sixx escorting the beautiful Michele Lundeen onto stage at the 1st Annual Baja Blues Fest in August 2012

Sweet and Sixx walking to Cabo San Lucas in June 2012...on the road from San Ignacio to the San Ignacio Lagoon. 

Burgers and Blues Against Hunger in the Baja press in 2014

The 1st Baja Blues Against Hunger Tour in 2015. Photo taken at the Tropic of Cancer marker north of San Jose del Cabo.

Blues Against Hunger Jamboree at Playa de Oro in San Felipe in Feb. 2015

Blues Against Hunger Society supporters from Baja at the House of Blues in San Diego California in 2016. 

The first Jamboree in San Diego at Aztec Brewing in Vista in June 2017

Sixx and Sweet at BAHS Jamboree in San Felipe Feb 2018

Sweet in the middle of the salt and mud flats on the Pacific Baja while on benefit walk. 

Sweet, Sixx, Secretary of Tourism Delgado for San Felipe and ladies of Mujeres de Viven.of Mexicali during the Baja Walk 100 they produced in 2017, a 100 mile, 5 day walk that raised 10,000dlls for cancer. 

Sixx and many other walk the extra mile to the San Felipe Malecon for 101 miles to fight cancer. 27 brave walkers raised $10,000 for cancer fight walking 100 miles in the desert over 5 days.. 

Sixx introducing Nathan James at the Blues & Arts Festival in San Felipe at El Cortez Hotel in 2012. 

Sixx and Sweet after performing as a duo at the Alameda Yacht Club in 2017. 

Cyclists and Green Angels pose at the San Felipe Arches after completing the Baja Love Ride, a 4-day bicycle ride from Rosarito Beach Hotel to Blues & Arts Festival in San Felipe. Benefit for orphanages.   

Sixx and Sweet performing on stage with the Bayou Brothers at the 7th Annual Blues and Arts Fiesta. 

Sixx and Bill Scamahorn waiting for the tide to launch the Chatarra Plastic Bottle Boat built by Sixx and Sweet. 

Sixx hosting the Blues & Arts Fiesta in San Felipe while founding Lions President Gary Diley watches. 

Sweet, Sixx and team launch the Chattara Plastic Bottle Boat for Sixx and Sweet to sailing down the Sea of Cortex to La Paz. The goal to bring awareness to plastic waste in Baja. 

Band poses with donated food in Los Barriles Baja California at Los Pescadores Hotel in 2019.

Sweet poses with children at SF Food Bank home for disabled children in 2018

Sixx and Sweet posing with jammers at BAHS Jamboree at La Morante Art Bar in La Paz, Mexico in 2018. 

Sixx and Sweet posing with Jammers at BAHS Jamboree at Fuentes Winery in Valle de Guadalupe in 2016. 

Sweet and Sixx performing for the first time ever. This room was pack at El Dorado Ranch Pavilion in San Felipe in March 2014. Sweet is below the bright square light on the left. 

Sixx and Sweet at The Kraken in San Diego performing as a duo on their first BAHS tour in 2014. 

Sixx and Sweet with Jammers in Rosarito Beach at Paradise Cove in 2016 along with ATM Band. 

Sixx and Rachel leading their annual Baja whale tour to Guerrero Negro in 2017

The newly 400 page book written by Sixx and Sweet in 2013 for the Baja Good Life Club. 

One of the hundreds of magazines published by Sixx and Sweet on living in Baja and Mexico. Read all the editions online:

Sixx and Sweet are a husband and wife team made up of Rachel Pack, also known as "Sweet" and her husband Sixx Pack. A couple of free spirits with a passion for adventure, travel and making a positive difference in the world. The two have a combined 40+ years of experience in event promotion and marketing.

Sixx had a colorful career. He was a publisher of a national sports magazine,  publisher of community alternative press newspapers, and syndicated radio talk show host on technology. He has interviewed both Larry Page and Sergey Brin founders of Google, Reed Hastings founder of Netflix, and hundreds of others during his time hosting radio. At one point, Sixx was even a MMA ring announcer to name a few of his past professions.

Sweet is all about people, health and fitness. She was an activities director for a non-profit for 11 years, video host, professional fitness trainer, WTF competitor and assistant trainer in college.

The couple met and fell in love in Fresno California in 2001, when Sixx's newspaper was promoting concerts in a venue next door to where Sweet worked in a restaurant her last year of college. Sixx would get concerts started than come wait at the restaurant for the concerts to end. It was during this repeated activity the two made a connection.  

The two were in married since 2003 and spent the next 2 years, traveling the US producing their  DVD series Bad Breed TV on Ultimate Fighting for the "special interest" section of Hollywood Video.  During this time they would stay longer periods of time in many cities including New Orleans, Las Vegas, and Ventura, California. 

In 2005, after Sixx survived an illness the couple began making frequent trips to Baja California,  and in 2006 they began living in Baja. In 2007, together they began publishing Mexico Living magazine and in 2009 founded Baja Good Life Club, a club offering discounted home, health and auto insurance to foreign residents and travelers in Baja California Mexico, and well as tours and hundreds of charitable events throughout Baja and Sonora.

The blues part of the story began in 2008, when the newly chartered Lions Club of San Felipe asked the couple to help produce an event they were taking over; the event was being done at a local bar by another group and the newly formed Lions Club wanted a foundation fundraiser and asked us to help them produce a festival. The couple agreed and managed production for the next seven years, including hosting, booking, staging and sound and the Lion's Club managed everything else. Great event that is still going strong. Blues and Arts Photos: 2008 | 2009 | 2010 | 2011 | 2012 | 2013 | 2014 

In 2011, the couple was asked to help produce another blues event on the Pacific side of Baja in August 2012. The new event would be the Baja Blues Fest and they agreed. The new Festival would kick off in August.  However,  in 2012 the couple also walked the 850-mile Baja peninsula from May to July to support various charities, so when they returned to host the 1st Annual Baja Blues Fest in Rosarito - they were exhausted. The Sixx and Sweet decided they needed time off; without stress, committees or schedules. 

The break was short lived. During this time the Sixx and Sweet started the Chatarra Project. A project to build a plastic bottle boat and sail it down the Sea of Cortez with boat races in each bay to bring awareness to plastic waste in Baja. The boat had a mechanical break and they could not complete the trip, and had to return to their home in San Felipe, Baja. At the time, two musicians friends, Pancho and Sal of the Rio Samaya Band had been staying with them to help build the boat. They suggested Sixx and Sweet learn to play music in addition to promoting it. Sixx and Sweet loved the idea and spent the remaining summer learning to play blues.

In fall 2013, after having only spent 3 months learning to play, Sixx and Sweet were asked to play a food drive to help the San Felipe Food Bank, that had recently lost its lease and was evicted. It would be their first time playing together and they were scared, but agreed.  The event was a great success and had a measurable positive impact, and was both emotional and spiritually rewarding to both Sixx and Sweet and in addition a lot of food raised - over 400 pounds. Blues Against Hunger seed was planted.

In 2014, Blues Against Hunger Society was born and the first US West Coast tour was booked as a duo. It was a learning experience for the couple touring as musicians for the first time, and was successful at raising food. When they returned to Baja, they booked a follow up tour to Cabo San Lucas, which was also successful. They returned to San Felipe and the 1st Jamboree began that Winter.  

Since then BAHS has fed thousands throughout Baja and Sonora in Mexico, and 10 western US states. The Baja Blues Tour is on its seventh year, there are now Jamborees in multiple cities on both sides of the border weekly with more coming and annual BAHS Festival every August.


- Accolades -

2016 BAJA WALK 100

The Baja Walk 100 - 100 miles, 5 Day walk against cancer.

Rachel and Sixx's most moving event was The Baja Walk 100, a 100 mile, 5 days cancer walk in the San Felipe Baja California desert. This is a fully supported walk with support station every 3 miles of the 100-mile course. The event was life-changing for all involved. 2016 Baja Cancer Walk 100 - Raised over $9,000 USD for San Felipe Cancer Society and Mujeres Que Viven, AC.

The Mexico Report’s 2015
Heroes of Mexico Award

The Mexico Report has honored us with their prestigious "REAL HEROES of MEXICO AWARDS" for our contributions to Mexico in 2012 & 2015, specifically Baja. We are very proud of these awards.  2012 and 2016


From 2014 until the present, BAHS produces two annual food drive tour designed to reach out to blues musicians, music lovers, and organizations to help feed the hungry within their own communities, the United States BREWERS & BLUES AGAINST HUNGER TOUR and in Mexico BAJA BLUES AGAINST HUNGER TOUR. Still going strong - READ MORE

2014 The Bud Light Latino Fest

Saturday, February 15th, 2014 Rachel and Sixx, along with good friend Terry Van Arsdale produced the Bud Light Latino Fest. The event will be held at La Ventana del Mar Resort, a beautiful world-class resort located on the beach of the gorgeous Sea of Cortez. Sponsored by Bud Lite / Corona.

The event was a great success, not only in terms of attendance but also the variety of Latin music from Flamenco to Norteno and including the finest Latin cuisine. Including performances by Los Regionales de MexicaliTesoro from Tuscon Arizona, and many others. The Baja Latino Fest was a unique bilingual multicultural event is for everyone of all ages. A celebration of all things Latin; Music, Dance, Food, and Friendships. Photos: 2014 

2014 Blues Against Hunger Bash

The first food drive campaign of Blues Against Hunger was the Blues Music Food Drive Tour on the West Coast including Baja, California and Oregon, and many great venues along the way, including the World Famous Johnny in Hollister California.

The San Felipe Folk & Bluegrass Festival

2011 - 2015 A special day every year when the clan from north of the border come down to Mexico from throughout the southwest with fiddles, guitars, banjos, flutes and more, strapped to the tops of their cars with tents, ice chests, and beer. It is always a week of music on the beach followed by a special concert the night before the musicians leave. A great time with amazing musicians.

BLUES & ARTS FESTIVAL (2008 - 2014)

A video commercial and voice over Sixx did for the 2012 B&A Fiesta.

In 2008, the newly chartered San Felipe Lions Club asked Sixx and Rachel to help them produce San Felipe Blues & Arts Fiesta, which they wished to become their foundation fundraising event. For the next 7 years, Sixx and Rachel along with the Lions Club co-produced the event. Sixx and Rachel managed stage production, hired and hosted the musical talent, while the Lions Club managed sponsors, volunteers, ticketing, security, and concessions. San Felipe Blues & Arts Fiesta, has become a staple event for the San Felipe Lions Club and in the community. The San Felipe Lions Club continues to produce a wonderful annual festival that continues to help the community. The Club helped build an orphanage, along with providing eye care, glasses, and medical care including surgeries for those in need within San Felipe.  Photos: 2008 | 2009 | 2010 | 2011 | 2012 | 2013 | 2014 

The Chatarra Project - Plastic waste campaign

2013 Chatarra Bottle Boat Project (Facebook - Google) Chatarra Liferaft Project was a plastic waste awareness project for Baja. The idea was to create a boat from plastic bottle waste and sail the boat down the sea of Cortez from San Felipe to La Paz. check out the Gallery

The Paddle Wheel of the first Chatarra Boat, which was designed for the two- to paddle power the vessel. The video is show the deck frame, paddlewheel, and tiller. 

The CHATARRA Project. After the larger boat's malfunction, a smaller craft was quickly designed as seen in the video.  The first was a large 2-person foot powered paddle boat catamaran seen in the photos. The paddlewheel shown above. 

The Baja Love Ride - A 4-day cross-peninsula charity ride

2013 Baja Love Ride (A fundraiser for Baja Norte orphanages; a group cyclists, volunteers, and 10 Green Angels ventured on a 4-day cycling trip. Video - Photos

The BAJA LOVE RIDE Trailer - 2-minute.

A small promotional video produced by Baja Bound for the Baja Love Ride, a 4-day charity bike ride produced by Sweet and Sixx in 2011.

The BAJA LOVE RIDE Mini-documentary 9-minutes.

A 9-minute documentary by Baja Bound of the 2011 Baja Love Ride produced by Sweet and Sixx.

2012 Baja Walk: 850-mile desert walk

2012 Baja Walk (In 2012 they walked 850 miles down the Baja Peninsula May - July (in 74 days), as a fundraiser for Baja non-profit organizations.) During this walk members of the various communities would participate in a walking the "first mile" for a donation, the donation would remain to support the community where needed: Facebook.

2012 BAJA WALK - The Children of San Juanico Welcome Sixx and Sweet as they walk into the small Mexican village of San Juanico, Baja California Sur, Mexico on Sixx's birthday.

BAJA WALK - The Hunt for John "Sixx" & Rachel Pack. The video was shot by Desert Bull, John and Seth on their search in the desert for "The Walkers".

2012 BAJA WALK - discussion before the walk began. A promotional video outlining the goals of the Baja Walk

2012 First Annual Baja Blues Fest

In 2012, Marty and Jackie Alameda hired Sixx and Rachel to help them produce a fundraising blues festival in Rosarito Beach. The event was a great success and launched a new blues event in Baja California. Featuring the best regional and international blues artists and has raised thousands, for the local kids in need. The Baja Blues Fest Organization raises funds and assists in fundraisers for the wellbeing and education of Baja Children. Held each at the Beautiful Rosarito Beach Hotel in Rosarito and has become a premier Baja event that supports orphanages, reading programs, scholarship organizations and even assist with the payment of utility bills, medical needs, clothing and furniture needs in and during building expansions. The event continues to grow and help Baja children. Photos: 2012


The 1st Annual Blues Against Hunger Blues Festival in Rosarito Beach was held on Saturday August 3rd at Vista Hermosa Resort and Spa at K43. The event was an enormous success and helped BAHS raise 13,070 pounds of food for Hearts of Baja and 23+ regional orphanages and homes. The festival will be the first Saturday of August every year.     

The BAHS Festival Commercial


A small bio on Sweet and Sixx published in 2017.


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The band was formed in 2013 when Sweet and Sixx were asked to help the San Felipe food bank. After the two had spent most of their lifetimes backstage, producing events and most recently blues festivals (2008-2012); and after falling in love with the blues, and with the encouragement of many musician friends, Sixx, and Sweet Pack formed a band. Wild Pack (now Sweet Sixx) is a full-time touring jam band and host band for Blues Against Hunger Society, international charity food concerts  "We're blessed to be able to do what we love, travel, play, music and follow our passion of helping others. We now play with musicians, far and wide, and share what we love. We hope to jam with you, sometime, someplace - out there in the WILD!" 



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